Windows Shortcut for Windows


When we use computer, sometimes we need to use some application together. It makes us tired to move the mouse or mousepad to click the application alternately every few second, and see different appearance every time. Then why don’t we open those application together and make them all appear at once on our screen? Just try this windows shortcut. Open your main application first. Then press the Windows key in your keyboard + right/left arrow. Voila, your main application will use your half screen only, and you can choose the next apllication you need to show on the screen. You still need more window to show? It is not a matter. Press the Windows key + up/down arrow. Yoohoo… you can add a window more! Want a more window? Use one of those shortcut. For your information, you can use the second (up/down) shortcut if only you have been apply the first shortcut (right/left). Try this out!

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