When Google Loses It’s Crown of Page Rank


Page rank, is the link analysis algorithm, develop by Google to assign the valuable and importance of the website. The score is 0 to 10, 0 means bad and 10 means best. Page Rank influences by contents, backlink, etc. Actually I don’t know exactly. I’m not a masters in this, just know little. More complete informaton, refer to Wikipedia.org.

Google were own Page Rank 10 for years. But on June 27th 2011, when the Page Rank were last updated. Google loses it’s Page Rank become 9. And only one own the Page Rank 10, it’s Facebook. Some popular website also changed, some grow up some go down. Include this website. Ibudweb were get PR2 after PR0 for months.

Well I’m note a huge fans of Page Rank. I just wanna make a good website. And I need some parameters to audit my site. Page Rank and alexa, the two tools I used.

Then I need your support to reach that. Thank You

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