Update Logo Soft Comfort V 6x to 6.1.12

Download Updater 6.1
Before you can update, you must have version 6.0 before, and already installed on your computer. Then you can continue to this step.

This is the update from V6x to V6.1.12


Step by Step Updating Logo! Soft 6.1
Then follow this step by step How to Update Logo! Soft 6.0 to 6.1

1. Click Help Menu > Update Center

2. A Window appears, then click Next

3. Choose File System update source, then Next

4. Decide a location of update file. Then Next

5. This information window appears. Click Next, run checking file

6. Appears this windows, ready to execute, click Next, process running

7. The updating process finish, restart Logo Soft



8. Now you can Check the version



Good luck

*Screen shot made by ibudweb.com


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