This Pen Makes an Electric Lines Become a Simple Job Ever

For some electrical Engineer, making a PCB board is little bit frustrating. We must design the schematic line, route the line, etch the board, and test it weather the line is fully connected or not. Sometimes, we find some unexpected connected line too. But now, making an electronic board is easy with this pen. The Kandenko start up company from Japan already design this useful things for you, who like to make some electronic boards. Now, you can make it simple just by drawing the line on the paper. If you made some unexpected connected line, you can simply erase it and your job is done. Never think to transmit electricity on a common paper before. This invention just make the impossible come true. For now, you can buy this pen by spending money $14.99. You can get this innovative pen in Amazon, e-Bay, or any other global electronic parts shop.

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