This is Why Tempered Glass is Important for Your Phone

When you purchase a new phone, you’re probably offered a tempered glass for extra protection. You probably said no—because of the additional charge—and chose to use a flimsy plastic screen protector instead. Well, you might think you’ve saved yourself some extra bucks, but you also put your phone at higher risk.

Having a large screen phone give us many advantages, as well as some disadvantages. Larger screen means more possibilities of its being cracked and scratched. Plastic protector won’t give your phone as much as protection. In another hand, tempered glass offers a great deal of protection. It’s sturdier than plastic—it’s made of glass after all. It won’t get scratched easily like a plastic protector. Tempered glass also gives a touchy feeling similar to original screens—make it more comfortable to touch.

So, if you’re notorious for damaging your screen’s phone, tempered glass screen protector is a must.

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