This Inverter Problem May Affect Your LED Laptop Screen


Have you ever seen this happened to your laptop screen? Firstly, you must check your laptop, is there any bad sector in your hardware? If you already fix your bad sector but it still happen to your screen, try the second way. Find out whether your laptop use LCD or LED technology. This tutorial is useful only for laptop using LED technology. In this kind of laptop, it uses inverter to connect the keyboard to monitor. It is located below the screen. If the inverter does not work well, then the condition which is showed in the picture above will exist. When it is happened, don’t be panic. Let the screen for a while until the screen back to normal by itself. If you’ve wait for about ten minutes and get no significant result, try to push the area below the screen gently. If it is not work too, then close your monitor, wait for a moment, and open it back. Turn on your laptop screen. Good luck!

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