These are the 6 Ways to Make a Screenshot in Windows 10. Try Them Now!

What will you do if you want to take a screenshot in your Windows 10’s screen? Do you press the Print Screen button to do it? However, did you know that there are 6 ways to do that in your Win10? So, these are the 6 ways to make a screenshot in Windows 10.

  1. Print Screen button. This is the common way to make a screenshot. By pressing the Print Screen button, you will copy the screen in the clipboard. Just paste it in your image editor, edit, and use the capture.

  2. Windows Key + Print Screen. It makes you automatically make a screenshot and save it at once. Your screenshot is saved in Pictures>Screenshots folder.

  3. Windows Key + H. This way allow you to make a screenshot and share it to your network.

  4. Alt + Print Screen. This combination makes you screenshot the active window only, not all the screen.

  5. Windows Key + Volume Down. If you love to use the physical button, this is the way for you to make a screenshot. Its goal is similar with the trick in number 2.

  6. Snip Editor. Select the part of your screen you want to screenshot and shot it with Snip Editor. You will get a spesific screenshot. You don’t need to crop in image editor anymore.

Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

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