The Wolves Chronicles in Google’s Logo Today


Let’s travel to Google Thailand search engine today. We will see an elegant, cold, and mysterious doodle there, with two children and three wolves are running in the snowy night. This doodle is referred to Wolves Chronicles, the most beloved children’s book by Joan Aiken. Indeed, the today’s doodle is created to honor Joan Aiken, the writer from England. As we know, most writer in the world focuses their writings in a specific genre, whether it is fan fiction, thriller, children book, fantasy, adventure, or another else. Usually, they also aim their writings to a specific reader such as adult, teenager, or children. However, Joan was different since she can write the various genres and readers.  Her writing includes children’s books, thrillers, and literary works modeled after the fictional world created by Jane Austen. She also was comfortable by writing a range of stories that everyone could enjoy. Not less than one hundred book she had been wrote during her writing career. Then, the Wolves Chronicles include a dozen books published over a 43-year span, following the adventures of several children in an alternate history of England. Joan Aiken was died in 2001, in 79 years old, with two children.

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