The First Woman Who Flied Across The Continent in Google’s Logo


Everybody who ever learn in school knows that the first successful aeroplane was invented by Oliver Wright and Wilbur Wright. We called them, simply, The Wright Brothers. However, do you know who was the first woman who fly in the sky? She was Jean Batten, a female aviator from New Zealand. She was born six years after the Wright Brothers, formally, announce their invention. It was yesterday, year 1903. The Wright Brothers invention was the first powered, sustained, and controlled aeroplane. No wonder if the people’s interest to fly was boosted after that invention. Then, Jean Batten became the first woman who was fly. She was flying from Australia to England in 1930’s, alone. On November 1982, Jean Batten – whose actual name was Jane Batten – died in a hotel on Majorca, and sadly to say, alone. However, her spirit to fly inspired woman all around the world to do something big.

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