The Big Kahana in Google’s Logo Today

the big kahana

Today’s google is little exotic. You will see a surfing board with an image of a man’s face, and the background of beach, flower, mountain, and coconut trees. This exotism remind us to Hawai and its wave that invite us to surf on them. No wonder, today’s Google tells us about Duke Kahanamoku from Hawai. He is a very talented and sporty man that starring a dozen of Hollywood cinemas, winning Olympic games for many times in swimming, and also a lawman. What a talented man! Talking about Hawai, of course we will not leave the surfing. You are not a Hawaian if you can’t surf. Then Duke Kahanamoku, which is recognized also as the Big Kahana, is one of the Hawaian expert of surf. He bring this sport to California and make it popular there. He brought not only the sport, but also Hawaian culture. With his smile, kindness, and all of his talents, he became the Ambassador of Hawai. The Big Kahana died on January 22, 1968 because of heart attack, and then he is burried. His ashes was scarred into the sea . Google appreciates all of the Big Kahana’s pace with today’s doodle, coincide with his born day 125 years ago.


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