The 15 Best Electrical Engineering CAD Software

In the world of engineering, drawing is a must. Starts by planning, project finishing, commissioning, and troubleshooting by user. The standards of the drawing is very important.

CAD Software is the answer. Where we do not need to be confused in standards, interconnection, making block, because they are all already prepare for us. The standards, library, smart connection, even smart link connection with PLC programming software. Where component in CAD generated automatically by linking the project.

Many software released by developer around the world. But off course you must choose one of them. Then be mastered on it.

For the first time may be you must try one by one, or just ask your friend, other people. What they say about the software. The plus and minus. Than make conclusion. Some times you have two or more choice. To make sure what you want, some software released free software or trial software. Both are worth to try.

This is some of software you can use.

1. EPLAN Electric

EPLAN Electric P8
EPLAN Electric P8

EPLAN Electric made by EPLAN Software & Services LLC, the member of Friedhelm L O H Group. This is software for project and electrical engineering. The symbol library already prepare. And some macros for some component you can choose. Plot frame and form are very easy to customize and editing. The size of plot frame from several standard like GB, ISO, DIN, etc.

Official website :

A 30-day EPLAN Electric P8 trial: Download EPLAN v2.3 Trial CD



ELCAD known as high-end engineering software for electrical CAD in design and documentation, for electro-mechanical and plant construction. And also offers complete solution in planning, construction, operation and maintenance of various industrial sector. ELCAD is very flexible and adaptable to special labeling instruction, process and documentation regulations.

ELCAD become professional partner for many integrators around the world.

Official website:

Download Free Version of ELCAD here: ELCAD 7.6

3. AutoCAD Electrical


4. PC|SCHEMATIC Automation

5. SolidWorks Electrical

6. Elecworks


8. SEE Electrical

9. SPAC Automazione

10. Promis.e

11. Elecdes

12. PanelDRAW

13. Aceri

14. Smartdraw

15. EDraw