Thailand Children’s Day in Google’s Logo


I’m apologize for not update this category in few last months. Unfortunately, we have missed many interesting doodles in those periods. However, our adventures with interactive and entertaining doodles from Google will be started again today. Actually, the doodle we will talk today has been published yesterday in Thailand. So, we can say that this update is late. But I think, it still interesting to talk about it because I’ve noticed an unique of this doodle. Yesterday’s doodle told us about Children’s Day. From time to time, I’ve made notes that almost every country in the world has their own National Children’s Day. Then, at least during the last two years, Google used the same doodle for the National Children’s Day. This doodle shows some character which are acted as playing children. They are running, sliding, laughing, and singing. This doodle as if send us a message that children should feel fun. Their world is a playing world. If we want to teach them about everything, do it in a fun ways. Don’t steal their laughter, make them proud, and give them their right of happiness. Through this doodle, Google simply against the children violation, trade, and exploitation. Take care of our children with full of love, gently, and also full of affection. Get them ready to face the wild world with the great attitude, that will make this world become a comfortable place to live. People with self confident, brave to stand up the truth, low profile, care to each other, and being responsible to everything they do. They can be both, a great leader or follower. Well educated children, the dream of the golden generation. Do you think the same? Let us know your opinion about children and this doodle. Never mind to leave any comment in the comment box below this article.

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