Telephone That Popularized Samba


How can telephone popularize a music? The answer is put it in the music lyric. It really work 100 years ago. Modern thing always make something interesting. When a telephone was a new technology, you can use it to catch some attention. This was happened to “Pelo Telefone”, literally means “On the Telephone”. “Pelo Telefone” was the first samba music ever recorded. There was no samba music recorded before it, and most people those day also didn’t know samba. However, after this “Pelo Telefone” was recorded, it rocketed and grab people’s heart that day. They loved the music composition which was known as samba. The “Pelo Telefone” was booming 100 years ago and make the samba famous until today. The telephone, which is one of the newest technology in the past, had been popularized the song and also the music genre through the lyrics. Google eternize this fenomenon into doodle of “Pelo Telefone”.

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