Step7 Professional Edition 2010

Step 7 Professional.

Step 7 Professional.


Step7 Professional Edition 2010 is a tool set for Step7 engineer programming with value-prize, provides more capability than Step 7 Basic. It’s consist of:

  • STEP 7 Basic software Version 5.5
  • S7 – Graph V5.3 include SP6
  • S7 – SCL V5.3 SP5
  • S7 – PLCSIM V5.4 SP4

This edition, support 5 languages according to IEC 61131-3 standard to explore the best choice with simple, they are:

  • Ladder Diagram (LAD) editor
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD) editor
  • Instruction List (STL) editor
  • Structured Text (S7-SCL) for high-level complex programming
  • Sequential Function Chart (S7-GRAPH) for graphical programming of sequential operations

Download Step 7 Professional 2010 here

Download Step 7 Professional 2010

This is the download link. Please download all these part below, then extract using Win zip, WinRAR, 7 Zip, etc.

File Size 200MB each part.

Since this is the .ISO file, you will need virtual CD such as Daemon Tools.


Step by Step Screen Capture

*Screen shot by ibudweb

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  2. Is there any model number for USB to MPI/DP Adapter.
    can you suggest the cable and adapter for s7 200
    what is the difference between wincc flex 2008 and wincc v7 software

    • Dear Rajesh,
      The order number for PC Adapter is 6ES7 972-0CB20-0XA0, or you can ask to local siemens distributor, or you can go to here. This PC Adapter also can programming PLC S7 200 series via PPI.
      WinCC V7 to pragram HMI using PC. Connect PC with PLC, we can control a machine via PC. WinCC Flexible to program HMI panel, like TP 270, MP xx, OP xx and other siemens panel. Connect this panel with PLC, we can control machine via OP/TP/MP. See here.


  3. can I connect my pc with the Plc with this program step s7 professional and wincc and let me know which adapter I have to buy for the above program

    • Dear Rajesh,
      Off course, you can connect, download and upload a program to PLC S7 300 and S7 400 series using Step 7 Professional. You can use USB to MPI/DP Adapter. WinCC is a HMI software, better you use ethernet to connect with HMI/SCADA. PLC must have ethernet port too.


  4. i downlaod all the files step 7 professional edition my os is windows xp kindly guide me how to install it i have also downloaded ekb 2010

    • Dear Rajesh,
      First you need to extract all Step 7 Professional files. Using 7Zip or Win Rar. Then you will get step7_prof_2010.iso, you can burn it into DVD or you can use virtual Drive Software like Daemon Tools.
      Install as usual. After all installation complete, then run Authorization EKB. this software will auto detect the authorization needed.

  5. Dear mas budi,
    mas ada step7 professional v11 yang support windows 7 64 bit.
    kalo mas punya mohon share juga ya…hehehe

    • Dear juga mas pandhu,
      Saat ini blom punya, saya juga lagi ngebet punya. Semoga dalam waktu dekat bisa terpenuhi. Nanti klo siap segera saya posting.


  6. Where I can find tutorial software or pdf file?
    can you send me the tutorial via mail??
    now,i’m in progress to download this software

  7. Hi Mr budi,
    I managed to download and installed successfully the s7 prof 2010 edition.thanks
    alots!..i’m using OS:window vista.However,i need your assitant to answer my questions.what is the different between s7 flex winCC and S7 PLcSIM V5.4 prof.2010?..both are for simulator purpose rite?how do,if i used flex winCC instead PLCSIM v5.4…it is work?

    • Dear Zek,
      WinCC Flexible is a software for programming Siemens operating panel like TPxxx, OPxx, etc. And PLC Sim is a software for simulating a PLC Siemens. WinCC Flexible has it’s own Simulation for simulating an operating panel. So if you want simulate a Step7 program you must use PLC Sim.


  8. Hi Budi.
    I have question for who is on beginning.
    What is a different between Step7 MicroWIN 4 and Step7 Professional Edition 2010.

    Thank you.

  9. Hello
    I have some question regarding this program step 7.
    1. For installation and for free use I need some code or serial number?
    2. Does this program include simulation program?
    3. Where I can find tutorial software or pdf file.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Hello Budi
    I have some question regarding this program step 7.
    1. For installation and for free use I need some code or serial number?
    2. Does this program include simulation program?
    3. Where I can find tutorial software or pdf file.
    Thank you in advance.

  11. Hi, Thank you for your website and your information.

    I need your help: I must open your download links with VPN and my speed with VPN is very low and I cannot get your RAR part in ORON.COM web site, Can you give me direct link in your web site?

    • I’m sorry mnz, It’s impossible to upload this huge files in my site. Instead my hosting is very limited, and also it can slow down my site. So I need a dedicated site to serve files download.
      VPN generally used by company to access their own network from outside. This is what I know. But I never heard about using VPN to open site. Sorry for my limited knowledge. But why don’t you try to use common internet connection. Many communication provider gives internet connection service.

  12. Dear Friends ;

    Concerning installation Step7_Edition2010 =>
    I have raised the virtual memory and then I have installed step by step this software package : this package consists of
    several separate programm’s : step7 ; plcsim ; s7_graph and so on …
    When I install all these programm’s separately => the whole
    “package” works perfectly after restart the PC !
    Thank you very much for the additional help and information !

  13. Concerning the installation of Step 7 Professional Edition 2010.

    My OS : Windows XP Professional SP3
    Pentium 3
    512 Mb RAM

    • Your OS & PC seems meet requirement according to the manual book. But some time we need to try using fresh installation of PC. Old PC with many programs installed can make the PC getting slow. I suggest you using fresh installation. That is mean you must format your PC then reinstall the OS. Yeah, I hate this way but some times I must try.

  14. I have unpacked the double compressed file (RAR / ISO)
    Then I run the setup.exe file and after I accepted the license agreement, I have got a grey screen with the title
    “Step 7 Professional Edition 2010” and then the installation
    does not run anymore => it stops and I have to restart my
    computer, otherwise I can not work anymore ???
    Do you know what could the problem with this software,please ?

    • @Werner I’m sure the problem is not the software, I just installed and everything is OK, I installed in Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, Compaq notebook AMD Turion X2, RAM 1 GB, . May I know your OS? the problem could be in your PC or your OS.
      I captured the step by step installation. I hope I could upload in this post soon.

  15. I have downloaded Step 7 Professional Edition 2010 and I have unpacked all files.
    After unpacking these files, I “receive” again “rar”-files
    and I did not find any “setup”-file(s).
    Did I do something wrong here, because I cannot install this
    software ?
    Can you help me with this please ?

    Thank you very much ;

    • This is double compress file,
      First, you need to extract the .RAR files, then you go to the result. Find file “sis7pr10.rar”, right click and extract again. Then the final result is created. sis7pr10.iso.
      You will need a daemon tools or other virtual drives software. Or you can just burn this image into CD. Then just go a head.