Star Trek Action on Doodle Today

Star Trek Doodle : Scene 1

Just check the google page. Hmm, great doodle will make you more relax with some scene of action. LATimes says, the fine way to waste the time. Hehe

Star Trek Doodle : Scene 2

The theme of doodle today is The 46th Anniversary of Star Trek : The Original Series. This animation doodle, you can play the role action. William Shatneras Capt. James T. Kirk on a mission and picking out Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spoke. Using teleport machine then arrive on any place. Finish the mission and Mr. Spoke always have fun stories.

Star Trek Doodle : Scene 3

Yup, Google has own way to celebrate with many user around the world. A fun way to memorize some thing. Great work.

Star Trek Doodle : Scene 4

Anyway, this is my first post after no post on August, I hope I will start write by new spirit.

This is the video

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