Simatic WinCC 2008 Flexible

WinCC Flexible is a program for programming Operating Panel made by Siemens. Support all products Operating Panel and Touch Panel variant. Easy configure communication to Siemens PLC S7 300 and S7 400. First you need to make a program offline on computer. And after programming and configure some option, you can download the program to the OP via RS232. You also can test your program by using WinCC Flexible Runtime Program include in WinCC Flexible. Please use this program for education purpose. Here are the classification for WinCC Flexible Program, I’ve got from Siemens Official Website. SIMATIC WinCC flexible Micro, supports:

  • Micro Panels: TP 170micro, TP177micro, OP 73micro

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Compact, supports:

  • Like WinCC flexible Micro and additional
  • Panels series 70: OP 73, OP 77A/B
  • Panels series 170: TP/OP170, TP 177A, TP/OP 177B
  • Mobile Panel 170,  Mobile Panel 177
  • Basic Panels KTP 1000, TP 1500
  • C7 devices: C7-635, C7-636

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Standard , supports:

  • Like WinCC flexible Compact and additional
  • Mobile Panel 277
  • Panels series 270: TP/OP 270, TP/OP 277
  • Multi Panels series 170/270/370: MP 177, MP 270B, MP 277, MP 370, MP 377

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Advanced , supports:

  • Like WinCC flexible Standard and additional
  • Panel PCs and Standard PCs

Download WinCC Flexible 2008

Download License WinCC Flexible

Download License Authorization WinCC Flexible 2008

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  1. Mohon Tanya. Tiap kali Download
    WinCC Flexible 2008
    Download file: WinCCflex2008.part13.rar (120,38 Mb)
    Stelah Tombol Download di tekan berapa saat akan muncul

    The connection has timed out
    The server at is taking too long to respond.
    Internet yang saya gunakan 1Mbps – 1.5Mbps
    Ada kesalahan di mana.
    Terima kasih

  2. sir i have window xp on my system.sir one thing i want to mention u tht when i installed automation licience manager seaprtly i t gives me a message “v5.0 +sp1 installed on ur computre . the setup cannot installed v4.0 on top of it. ”
    i installed v 5.0 forv omoran cx-one software.


  3. ASlamalikum

    i have installed wincc flex2008. it install successfully but when i open “create an empty project” It switch toward output screen and showing create a templele. After 2 minute it give a message
    “Creation of template faild, try to create project again. if faid again contactsupport”
    plz guide how can i troubleshoot.

  4. dear pk budi.
    Is that to unzips this program needs the password? I will download it. thx very much for your information.

  5. thank very much pk budi, saya telah berhasil mengexstrak 13 file winCC flex 2008 jadi file iso dan sudah sy burn jadi CD instaler wincc flex 2008, kemudian sy instal ke win 7 melalui virtual xp profesinal. tetapi saya belum berhasil menginstal nya, proses setup mengalami masalah pada saat instalasi WinCC flex 2008, timbul jendela instal Shield dengan pesan 1628 Failed to complete instalations. sedangkan pada proses instalasi WinCC flex 2008 Runtime/Simulation dan Prosave V 7.4 SP 2 timbul pesan 1607 unable to instal instalShiel scripting runtim, saya sangat mengharapkan sekali bantuan pk budi untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini

    • Dear Mas Purwantoro,
      Yang pernah saya coba install di Virtual XP adalah WinCC V6.0, Simatic Step 7 V5.2, dan Simatic Net, semua berjalan lancar dan berfungsi dengan baik saat mengoperasikan dua plant di pabrik. Untuk yang WinCC Flexible belum pernah mencoba install di Virtual XP.
      Saran saya sementara ini coba install WinCC Flexible SP2 yang sudah mendukung Windows 7. Bisa di download di sini.

      Semoga membantu,

      Salam hangat


  6. saya telah download wincc flex 2008 dari part 1 s/d 13, dan telah saya exstrak dr prt 1 sampai part 12 berjalan lancar, tetapi untuk part 13 tdk dapat di exstrak sampai selesai, dengan coment CRC error atau wrong wrong password.saya mohon bantuanya untuk menyelesaikan problem diatas, terimakasih atas bantuanya.

  7. Saya sudah download wincc flexible 2008 & di instal ke windows xp sp2 juga instal simatic authorization collection 2010.
    Proses instal berjalan normal sampai selesai.Setelah computer restart saya jalankan wincc 2008 & bisa berjalan normal. Tapi setalah computer saya shutdown kemudian saya hidupkan kembali dan saya buka program wincc flexible 2008,program tersebut tidak bisa di buka/error dengan keterangan: HMies.exe failed initialezed.Saya sudah coba reinstal & repair tapi tetap program ngga bisa running.Mohon penjelasan.Terima kasih.

    • dengan reinstall harusnya bisa menelesaikan masalah tersebut. Coba Mas Supriyanto search file secara manual di explorer. Apakah filenya benar benar hilang? kalau hilang coba di copy paste secara manual.

  8. Mengapa saya download winccflex 2008,untuk yang wincc2008flex part13.rar selalu putus kalau sudah 97 s/d 99% ?

    • Mas Supriyanto, Harusnya filenya baik2 saja. Karena sejauh ini tidak ada laporan mengenai hal itu dari yang lain. Tapi saya coba upload ulang untuk memastikan, terimakasih sudah berkunjung.

  9. sir, can i study HMI just using laptop? in other word, study without hardware… just simulating using a software, would you like to give me some reference to do it? thx

  10. I am getting a lot of volume corrupt errors after I have downloaded the files. Here is the message.
    D:\Wincc\WinCCflex2008.part04.rar: Packed data CRC failed in WinCCflex2008.iso. The volume is corrupt.
    I am getting this message on parts 4,5,6,7,9,11 and 13.
    I have tried downloading the files a few times, but it has not helped.
    Any ideas?

  11. Try to install Simatic Starter Siemens Version 4.2 on
    Windows 7 64bits => is there any solution because I have
    a version Windows 7 32bits and that does not work ?

    Thank you very much !!!

  12. Somebody help me please!The use time of my software licence has expired.I have about 1500 licence,but can’t find only one.Licence name is “SIPPA9WRC507001” and the licence description is “upgrade WinCC runtime+Configuration 128-8k Power Pack”.How can i find it?

  13. bundle of thanks for help i will b try again to downlaod part and try again i also download Eplan its good working Its very good software again bundle of thanks

    • @ zafar you’re welcome, it would be great for helping you. For this WinCC Flex, please be patient until I reupload all the files. Thanks

  14. yes i download all 13 part compleate and make in all one folder and i try to open part1 with winzip he open and ask password then i give flex2008 then he star all compleate after 2secend he give this erro
    Extracting WinCCflex2008.iso Error: CRC mismatch in file “WinCCflex2008.iso” in the archive “E:\WINCC\WinCCflex2008.part01.rar” – possible wrong password

  15. Extracting WinCCflex2008.iso Error: CRC mismatch in file “WinCCflex2008.iso” in the archive “E:\WINCC\WinCCflex2008.part01.rar” – possible wrong password

    • @ zafar It should be OK. I’m sure that’s the password. Many people download this files but I don’t hear any thing like your problem. Are you already have all the part of the files?

  16. hi i download winccflex2008 but in winzip end of extracting he give erro he asked may be your password wrong i give password flex2008 what is problem please tell me

  17. Thank you for the information, I will wait until Siemens release their software for Win 7.
    and if you have the latest information on WinCC Flexible 2008, please I was given information!


    • @Felik WinCC Flexible 2008 released before Win 7 launched. That’s means It can be doesn’t compatible with Win 7. If I am not mistake, Step 7 5.5 is the only launched for support Win 7, officially. Logo Soft 6.1 works on Win 7 but some got trouble when we connect to Logo. I suggest, better you use Win XP until Siemens release their software for Win 7.

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