Simatic Step 7 Version 5.5 – Supports Windows 7

step7 5.5

Installation Window of Step 7 5.5

Now many people use Windows 7. When I try to install Step 7 Version 5.4 in Windows 7. It doesn’t work.

Step 7 5.4 can not be installed in  Windows 7. Now Siemens already released Step 7 version 5.5 for Windows 7.

We can install on windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 32 bit, with minimum 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and XGA 16 bit color. So don’t use 64 bit OS. Or if you using 64bit OS you can use Windows XP Mode. You can read the step by step here.

In this version, we can use the USB prommer without installating additional software. The necessary functionality has been integrated in STEP 7. Aero Glass Style is working well, but we’ll find same icons as previous Step 7. Little bore.

Download Step 7 5.5

Download all these part. Sized 200MB. Extract using WinZip, WinRAR, 7Zip, etc. Then using Daemon Tools to readi this .ISO file


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  2. I download and install the step 7 in Windows 7, but when i try to change the Object Properties the program shows me the next message: Object Properties (256:92) the data is read-only. I click in ok, and I try to change the Cycle/Clock Memoriy, but I can all boxes are blocked.

    I try changing the Storare Location, Disable the firewall, and I installed the software in two computers, and the problem continuos.

    I need Help.

    • Dear Pedro,
      I also meet these lock box. I don’t think so changing the cycle is necessary in the programming. I think the default value is enough for me.

  3. Haloo Mr Ibud how are you?
    I would like to find the Simatic NCM Manager.
    would you like to help me?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Felix,
      I’m very fine today. If I am not mistake, Siemens already include Simatic NCM in Step 7 Version 5.x. That’s mean you will get NCM in Step 7 5.5, or 5.4 etc.

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  5. SIR I WANT TO KNOW THAT WHAT ARE THE SEIMENS SOFTWARE THAT ARE COMPATABILE WITH THE WINDOWS7 home basic please give direct link of simatic manager step 7, 5.5 ,these software support windows 7,if support please give ans,if not support please give ans.also give the seimans software for windows NT 4.0 SUPPORTED

    • Dear santhosh,
      Nothing special, you can install this software as usual, just for refer information, you can see installation WinCC V7.0. First you must extract these files with WinZip or WinRAR, otherwise I use 7Zip. You can download it by googling.

  6. Hello
    i have windows 7 ultimate installed, step7 v5.5 work well the thing is when i try to install the ekb install 2010 03 20 said access violation at address 004D0E4A in module
    simatic EKB install 2010…exe read of address 0000000000

    do you know something about how to fixit


      • i have siemens 412-2 DP CPU and i want to configure new drive in this CPU. how can i do it ? or any further user manual or site if available to install it ? Thanking you.

  7. I downloaded step 7 time ago and used it whitout problems. Acually every time that I open it , is asking me a new valid password. Anybody knows what to do?
    Thank you

  8. Guys i am very sory to say this but this is most stupid and irritating site i ever visit or you may say the most wasting time for students or for learners.
    I mean is this a way to kept people waiting??????
    So unfair with students.
    This should be for professionals but not for students.
    Can you bleave it it took 18Hours to complete this software.

    plz remove time framing or atleast minimize it as shot as it could be possible.
    plz plz alteast Consider my Application or suggestion.
    Plz administrator do this favor with students.

    Thankyou for your time.


    • Dear Mr. Engr.Z.ABBAS, and are different websites. managed myself and managed by Oron own management. is just my personal blog for sharing.
      I need a lot of gigabytes of space to store my files. While have space, bandwidth and limited funds. Which is not possible to serve the storage and download many gigabytes.

      For this purpose I use same as,,,,, and many other same sites.
      Websites that we have known as a provider of online storage and sharing service. With the servers they have, will be able to store and transfer files in bulk for 24 hours nonstop every day. The waiting time while downloading the is reasonable as if you downloaded at the websites that I mentioned above, especially for free user.

      Hopefully you understand this situation.

      Thanks for your attention.

      Best Regards,


  9. Hi ibud.
    I installed the software. Thanks for your support. It works!
    I had a similator for step7. But it was old. I am not sure if it works win win7. I will try and if it works, i will share it with you. Then you can share it from your website..

    Thanks one more time.

    • Hello again;
      I made a qıick search on the internet and i guess PLCSIM 5.4 SP5 works with win7. Do you agree? If yes, is it possible to find only PLCSIM 5.4 SP5 splitted from step7?

      If PLCSIM 5.4 SP5 is not the version for win7 then which version do you use and how i can reach it?


        • hello again ibud..
          Thanks for your respond. I already installed Simatic Step 7 5.5 from your website. Now if i download “Step 7 Professional Edition 2010” and get “Step7 5.5, PLCSIM V5.4, S7 GRAPH V 5.3 and SCL V5.3 in one package”, do i have to uninstall the current one and reinstall the new one?
          Or can i directly install only the plcsim, and SCL etc?

          thank you.
          Regards from Turkey

        • Ok. i downloaded and setup the PLCsim. Many thanks.
          it works properly.
          The only thing is I switch it online but i cant see the green moving bar that shows it is online. and the green colours which shows that it is live.

          Do you have any idea?


  10. I have installed S7 v5.5. But when i tried to open it, following error msg appears and prevent the application to open – Simatic manager only.
    The program can’t start because MFC80.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    I tried to re install but the problem still persist. Plz help me out.

    • Reinstalling the software should fix the error. or you can try to search manually by windows explorer in the simatic installation folder. in C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft.vc80.mfcxxxxxxxxxx. make sure the file still there.

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  12. I have the same problem when try to install STEP 7, the error message appear. From 7 step in setup process only step 1, 6 & 7 done well, the others show error status.

    One of the message is “The following program could not be installed: H:CD_1VCREDITS2008SP1vcredit.exe”

    I used Win 7 Professional, 32bit.

    Could you help me please?

    • @ Dipo I’ve installed on Windows 7 Ultimate, everything installed successful. So about your problem, I don’t know exactly. It could be your OS.

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    • @hesam I have installed Simatic Step 7 5.5 in Windows 7 successfully and no error. Can you specify the error message appears? May be I can help you.
      Just remember, this version is only for Windows 7 32 bit. So you cant install on 64 bit OS.


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