Siemens Simatic Step 7 Version 5.4 Service Pack 5



Here is the most power full programing application  for power full PLC in the world, Simatic Step 7 Version 5.4 with Service Pack 5.

Lots of industries use this product. And I know limited people interact with this software. I just wanna share this software include the license authorization.


The contents of these files:


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  1. mr.budi, yesterday I tried to counter down.
    but can not count down as desired.
    I use this example to send your email.
    please help

    • dear rian
      For counting down, you can add the input on S pin of S_CD and add number on PV (example 10). You can start counting down by give pin S TRUE, this will transfer number 10 to CV. Then give the CD pulse. The number will count down.

      • I want, when the counter value down from 10 to 0 the new output will be ON.

        I have tried with a comparison such as counter up but on the contrary, has not run.

        please enlightenment.

    • Dear rian,
      For Simatic Step7 I don’t have, but I have an ebook about PLC, I’ll sent you via email
      But sorry, Gmail getting error wile sent you an email. It said Yahoo doesn’t have your username. Can you give me the relevant email.

      • I have tried SIMATIC Step7 2010 but i have a problem, when i try to counter up to 5 digits output from the block ‘Q’ in the function block counter lit first before the value set of points 5 are met.

        you have a solution?
        Please help.

        This email my gmail

        Thank you very much

        • Dear rian,
          I’ve sent you an ebook about Basic PLC.
          For the case above, I can’t exactly tell you the right answer. Can you attach the screen of picture?. It’s better and much easier for analyzing.


  2. I have tried to install Simatic Manager v5.4 : it contains
    8 RAR files.
    I have extracted them,but I think I did something wrong =>
    I cannot install this “thing”.
    When I extract these files : Do I have to place them under
    the same directory ?
    Short => What is the best way to install this programm ,
    starting from the 8 RAR files downloaded from your site please ?
    I hope you can help very soon , please ?

    Thank you very much !

    Bye,Bye ;

    • @ Werner
      If you already downloaded 8 part of the files, then you alright, these files must be place in same directory. then extract them. the contents must be like this

      step 7 5.4 files

      Then start to install. by clicking Setup.exe . Then follow the instructions. You can’t install in 7 or vista. this step 7 5.4 only supports Windows XP.
      When you get problem. please tell us the details.


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