Siemens Introduces Mobile Apps for Logo!

Logo! Goes to Mobile

Logo! App
Logo! App

Again. Siemens introduces the mobile apps for Logo! They called LOGO! App. Yes. As the name, this apps is used to operate any Logo! device via WLAN. We can control I/Os, monitoring, changes parameters, even diagnostic the process. View VM values into trend, graphical data, make easy to read and monitoring.

Mobile device is everywhere. That’s why Siemens develop the mobile apps. And it will be seriously develop for the future as the people is getting closer to the gadget. Recently LOGO! Apps is launch for Android OS and iOS becouse as we know they have largest market share. But it could be in Firefox OS or Ubuntu OS one time.

Start up screen of Logo! App
Start up screen of Logo! App –


In Google Play. LOGO! App have 4 stars averages from 13 reviewers. Install in 5.000 – 10.000 gadget.

You can get The Logo! Apps free of charge

Android version Logo! App

iOS version Logo! App