Servo Manager for Compax M/S, A Servo Drive by Parker

compax MS


This is a servo drive – Compax M/S- made by Parker. In my work, it used for controlling step of cylinders to pour any liquid product in any targeted volume.

There are two units of Servo Parker, one is a power supply for DC source and a point for bus connection, this unit could be connected until 128 servo unit. And the other unit is servo it self. This Servo unit connected to a computer via RS422 at the beginning. But because of the module on power supply was broken, I decided to use RS232 on the servo and use a converter RS422 to RS232. The Computer works as a PLC. Using a pascal program to control servo and also to control digital input and output via interbus connection. This 2010 is the first time where I get the first trouble that never happen before. This servo was lost all the parameters. I don’t know why it could happen. And of course this machine can’t start and always shows an error message. Thanks God I found a software named Servo Manager, I downloaded from Parker official Website before, and I have make a backup the parameters. Then just simple action to download the parameter saved on computer to servo unit.

So Servo Manager is a must have tool for you if you have Parker servo or inverter. Before bad possibility, t will be better if you make a backup of your servo parameter.

I hope this helps you.

Download Servo Manager

Download Servo Manager

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