ProSave – Backup and Restore a Simatic Panel

Pro Save (siemens)

ProSave is the simple software which is can handle backup and restore simatic panel. Yeah just backup and restore. But this software supports many panel, even the ProTool text based panel like OP7.

Backup and restore from or to an OP or panel is common activity for automation engineer. Some times we must replace the panel because of broken or something else, with the new one. Then the program must be downloaded to the new panel.

The software that could do that job is off course WinCC Flexible. Create a program, editing graphic, set communication, transfer or back transfer, and backup the program are its specially. We can talk everything to the panel by this software. But its very expensive unless we are project integrator or we have huge company which have much money.

ProSave is the best solution from Siemens for end user to handle that job. By using cable that comply to the panel. RS232, USB, RJ45, etc. Simple set the type or model of the panel, then set the communication port.

How to configure? just go to “General” Tab, choose the model, type of communication cable and complete the parameter. To backup, choose the location for saving the file. Then execute by clicking the button. And for restore. Find the *. prs file which is saved before. Then click the button.