Power Supply Modification for Better Cooling IDE to USB Converter

This is my experience. I bought new USB to IDE converter for my old harddrive. A cheap converter not a branded. Most of computer accessories were made in China.

Included in the box are USB to IDE converter, Power Adapter, Power Cable, and SATA Power cable. And I have one week warranty.

On the first use, the problem I feel the most was the power adapter. The heat increased quickly. And on the third day the power adapter was exploded. I didn’t know which part was it. I went to the shop I bought, and they gave me new one.

I was so sure, It would have the same problem. Then I must doing something. Put a fan on the adapter is the best option.

I open the closure of adapter, I think the overheat comes from the aluminum heat-sink, so I need put the fan above this heat-sink. Then I made holes around the closure and a hole for fan. Then I connect 12 VDC fan source power to the adapter, fastening screws.

Them I tested. Cool man. The heat is reduce. Now I can use this converter safely…

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