POSITool – A Software for Stoeber Drives



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Stoeber is a specialist in motors and drives. They make wide range solution products for industry. By “System technology for drive engineering and automation” slogan, they create all best product by innovation. Such as motors, servo geared motors, rack and pinion drives, electronic unit, etc.

POSITool, is a commissioning software, comprises all function.

  1. specify the number of axes
  2. selecting the application
  3. global selection, communication interface used
  4. choose the right type / model of motor
  5. choose the right type of inverter
  6. then you can set all parameters, communication, etc

This software distributed for free, and available for download in the official website SEW.

Download POSITool
Download here



POSITool Files

  • POSITool
  • Documentation
  • Firmware
  • Communication

How to Install

Execute  “Setup_xxxv54c0.EXE” file in folder POSI_Tool\V 5.4C\  Then follow the instruction.

positool exe

How to using the software please refer to Documentation in the files you downloaded.

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