Philippine’s Jeepney and Flag in Google’s Logo Today


When you visit Google Philippines today, you will see a unique vehicle which is full with people inside and its top. The vehicle is also covered by Philippine’s flag. Yeah, this unique vehicle is called as jeepney, or simply called jeeps. This is the most popular mean of public transportation in Philippines. We can notice jeeps with its crowded seats and kitsch decoration as a symbol of Philippine’s culture and art. Today, in Google Philippines, we also see these uniques plus the national flag of Philippines. This doodle is made to celebrate the Philippine’s independence day from Spain’s rules 118 years ago. The June 12 become a national holiday in Philippine. All government office and schools are closed, and people spend the day with family, friends, and relatives in either indoor and outdoor activities. Beside celebrated as the independence day, this day was also observed as the Flag Day in Philippine since 1964. So, the doodle today is exactly representing the Philippine with its daily culture and independence day.

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