Omron CX One 4.33 Lite


CX-One – Omron


CX One is the wide range support software for Omron products specially in automation solution.  With this only one package software, you can configure and program PLCs, HMIs, motion control systems and networks. Of course it will reduce the complexity, easy to understand one software means one UI, one time training, then you will be able to explore this package of software to do many jobs. One software with one license is logically simple. This software told us lie Omron will say to customers “We will match for you because we are simple”

CX One series consists of programming software they are CX-Programmer, CX-Simulator and CX-Designer. CX-Programmer supports all types of PLC, from micro PLC until duplex processor system PLC. Ability to use same code of programming across PLC type, and also use code from previous old generation programming software. Less confusing of course. CX-Simulator. Like the name, this is use to simulate any PLC program we have made, without real PLC hardware, useful for debug, to make sure the logic, the process, all sequence program, running well, means no error. CX Designer. Designing all NS-series of HMI Panel or omron called programmable terminal. You can create graphics, trends, alarm logs, using standards functional blocks easily. Even this is your fist time, using this software.

As the one solution for automation programming, this package also includes CX-Motion (Pro), CX-Position, CX-Drive, CX-Server, CX-Integrator, CX-Process Tool, CX-Thermo, CX-Sensor, and NV-Designer.

Download Omron CX One 4.33 Lite

You can download the Omron CX One 4.33 Lite here