New Release of Hardware Update for Step 7 06/2014

Instalasi STEP7 HW Update
Instalasi STEP7 HW Update

For Simatic Step 7 user.

When you have got, your PLC hardware is not listed in your hardware configuration. Don’t worry. You just need to update your library. You don’t need download the new version of Step 7 Program. You only need to download a tiny size of update hardware package.

As w know after Step 7 V5.2. We are able to update HW catalog via menu bar.

You can find the file

Then follow the step by step to do the update.

Sample case:

I can not find my plc step 7 312-1AE14-0AB0 with V3.3 only v3.0

The HW config will show the “?” mark on the plc symbol if we upload the program with newer hardware.

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