MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.2 – Released



MyPhoneExplorer, has its own fans, many Sony Ericsson handset connected with this tools. The sophisticated interface, easy in operation, and many features to explore the SE phone even the new Android smart-phone.

The most interesting, for me, is about compatibility with Thunderbird 7. I haven’t try this tool yet. I think this is time. Lets download then be surprised what will we get. Thanks for FJSoft for this software.

This is the complete update according to FJSoft website.

  • Tasks and Notes including Sync (you’ll get separate Apps on the phone)
  • full remote control your phone throught USB-Connection (ROOT not required!)
  • Text input: Allows to use your PC-Keyboard for typing text on your phone, works also through Bluetooth and WiFi
  • supporting now all telephone-number types, its possible to use now also formatting-characters
  • new fields for contacts (IM and anniversary)
  • compatibility with Thunderbird 7
  • new main icon
  • call-duration is shown in call-lists
  • contact account-filter in the sidebar
  • calendar-GUI slightly polished
  • MyPhoneExplorer Client will be launched automatically on Bluetooth-connection, for WiFi the client is also able to launch automatically (optional)
  • sidebar gadget does work now also on 64bit environment
  • some other smaller changes, many bug-fixes

Download MyPhoneExplorer 1.8.2

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