MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.5 – Sony Ericsson

The best Phone software for Sony Ericsson My Phone Explorer 1.7.5 already released. Simple, light, and easy to use. Good interface graphics design is another points. This released has fixed many bugs and did some minor modifications. Here the points of development according the Fj Soft:

  • SMS-Import from PC-Suite Archive
  • better display for SMS (full unicode-support, Smilies, SMS-Pictures,…)
  • optional Spell-Checker for writing SMS. Install ASpell to use it
  • better Tooltip for Trayicon (on Vista and newer)
  • graphical display incl. Export for Monitor-Values
  • Duplikate-Search in SMS-Archive
  • portable Installation (optional)
  • Sync with Thunderbird 3, Seamonkey and Sticky-Notes (Win7)
  • some adaptions for new phone-models
  • fixed many bugs and some minor changes

The software more and more better, support new phone models. Even its free, they give us best experience to maximize the function of phone and more amazing feature to new Windows 7.

Thanks for FJ Soft Team.

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