Make an Automatic Log/Diary in Notepad, Just in a Single Line Code

If you love to write a log or diary, this Notepad trick will very useful for you. Notepad is not a plain text application only, but also can be a programming tools. You can modify it as an automatic diary for you, just by writing a simple line code.

When you start to write a log or diary, you will write date and time, don’t you? Usually, you write it manually. So, you will need clock and calendar, only to know what time is it now and what date is today. With this simple line Notepad code, you don’t need it anymore. Notepad will do this task for you. Then, your rest job is write your idea. No think about date and time.

To realize it, just open your Notepad application. In the very top line, write this code


Then, save it with your desired file name, and voila! Your Notepad diary is ready to use. Whenever you open this file, you will see the real-time date and time are appear in the last line of your file.

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