Logo! Soft Comfort V7.0 (Upgrade) – Download


Logo! Soft Comfort V7 - Download

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Siemens released Logo! Soft Comfort Version 7. This lets us to replace previous Logo! Soft V1.0 / V2.0 / V3.x / V4.0 / V5.0 / V6.x to absolutely the new version of Logo!Soft Comfort. This update always be the most wanted by the audience of  iBudWeb.com. Because of course Siemens always made new improvement in their products or software for better use, better performance and remove some bugs may appears. By this, Siemens recommends us to always keep Logo!Soft Comfort up to date with the latest upgrades/updates.

For upgrade we must have installed full version previous Logo!Soft Comfort software. I recommend to download full version Logo!Soft V6.0 then make an upgrade.

Download Upgrade Logo!Soft Comfort V7

Download Logo!Soft Comfort V7

LogoSoft! Comfort Download

Support Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, 32 bit and 64 bit

How to Install/Upgrade Screen Shots

1. Install Logo!Soft V6

2. Just Execute Logo!Soft V6 Upgrade file, then follow the instructions.

Screen Shots:

Execute the upgrade file - Logo!Soft V7

Execute the .exe file

Choose Language - Logo!Soft V7

Choose Language

Installation, copying files - Logo!Soft V7

Installation, copying files

Screen shot by ibudweb.com


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