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LOGO! Soft Comfort 6.1

LOGO! Soft Comfort is a software for programming a Logo! hardware. Logo! is a micro PLC made by Siemens. This software helps us create ladder and functionblock diagrams easily. Just simple selecting, dragging and dropping functions and making the logical connections. This includ the offline simulator for both the ‘function block’ or ‘ladder’ representation. It allows us to test and debug without connecting a hardware, providing significant savings on installation time and cost. Also we can create a professional documentation that auto generate during program editing and configuration. Update to Logo!Soft Comfort Version 6.1
Update to Version 6.1 or V7 You must LogoSoft! V6.0 first to upgrade to Version 6.1. Then you can update to version 6.1. 12 here. Or You can download new upgrade, Logo!Soft Comfort V7.0 After installing V6.0 full version, then you can continue to upgrade to V7.
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