Is It Possible Connecting OP17 with EPSON TM-U200?



This is just my experience.

The existing panel printer for OP17 was broken. The print head working well, but it could not feed the paper. And should be replace with the new one.

I just wondering EPSON TM-U200 also using RS232 for data transfer. SO I think It can replace existing panel printer perfectly. I just need to make connector cable from 1F2 port a DB15 to RS232 25 pin at the printer.

I was searching in the internet. Trying the best match for pin connection

OP17 1F2 port 15 pin connect EPSON RS232 25 pin
3 to 2
4 to 3
1 to 7

And the result. The printer working, I mean doing print, but the paper did not moving. So it printing on same position. And the character is unreadable.

We can say my test was FAIL.

Then replace the panel printer with same type of printer.