iPad – The Most Popular Topic 2010 in IT

Apple became the leader in create gadget. After they launch iPhone, the first revolution of full touch phone. Now they make an another portable computer close to an iPhone.

Actually this iPad tablet is not the first, because a gadget China made already make this, about ten years past. But Apple has everything to make good gadget and good in marketing because of their fanatic consumers, fanatic in apple and fanatic in high class of brand.

I see a presenter of TV Show use iPad, light, thin. Change how to make another experience of hold a paper. He can write, or view a writing or a message in one multifunction of gadget. Equipped with wifi or 3G connection is another point of this gadget.

Me? Uh! I don’t think to purchase an iPad right know. This gadget can’t do so much in graphic editing, and the main reason is my notebook can still doing my job, beside a classic reason I must spend more money for this gadget.

I’ve heard about HP Slate and Dell Streak. Can they become more competitive than iPad?

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