International Women’s Day in Google’s Logo Today


Through doodles, Google has been participate to show the women’s power all over the world. From science, peace, literature, etc. However, Google Doodle team make a special doodle to memorizing the International Women’s Day this year. The Doodle Team make a journey to all over the world, more than 13 countries is listed, and meet the women there. They ask the women to continue the sentence “One day I will…” belongs to their own dream. The team said that it was not too easy to achieve this goal. When they asked the women to share their aspiration, most of them will took about five minute to think or dream before they finally told the team about their dream and aspiration. However, these ‘five minute moments before speaking’ was the special moments by the team, to see how is the respondent’s face when they were flying on their own mind. Then, this is, the video compilation by Google Doodle Team about the women’s dreams and aspirations all over the world. These are their dreams and aspirations, how about you? Now is your turn to share your dream and aspiration, and move to achieve that amazing goal. Everybody is great, you can do it!