Installing Simatic Step 7 V5.4 SP5 on Windows 7

(Ist) Step 7 V5.4
(Ist) Step 7 V5.4

I have install this version of Step 7 but on Windows XP SP2. And of course it works well, and i use this for work. But then it will be better if I try to install on Windows 7. Better for me to know is this version support Windows 7? Even many company still using XP on their computers and may be it takes along time to migrate to Windows 7.

OK. Just to the point. I have tried to install Step 7 on Windows 7. And the conclusion is I can’t install. Step 7 5.4 SP5 only supports Windows XP with SP2 or SP3, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, and Vista 32 Bit Ultimate and Business.

So if you want, we can wait until Siemens releases new Service Pack or some updates. But when, we don’t know. Instead many company still using Windows XP.

Now, I have a plan to install this Step 7 on Windows Xp in Virtual Box in Windows 7. So there are many works I must do and off course become more complicate. I hope I can share this soon.



Good information. Siemens already release Step 7 Version 5.5 for Windows 7.


Based on my experience, after doing some trial and error, we can Install All Simatic Softwares in Windows 7 using Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC.

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