Inge Lehmann’s Earth Core in Google Logo Today

Inge Lehmann's Invention: Earth's Core
Inge Lehmann’s Invention: Earth’s Core and Layers

If you visit Google search engine today, you will see a unique Doodle: an earth with a play button beside. When you click the play button,  the earth will split into two parts so that you can see the earth’s core clearly. Not only that, in one part of the earth, you will see the multi layers of Earth’s. This Doodle was created to honor Inge Lehmann, who was born this day 127 years ago. As illustrated by this Doodle, Inge Lehmann was the one who discovered that the Earth is multi-layered and has a hot core in the middle. This discovery was motivated by her curiosity on the earthquake since her first earthquake when she was a teenager. Then, after a long research, she published her conclusion if the earth has several layers and has a very hot ball in its core. Through this Doodle, Google appreciates this invention as a form of admiration to Inge Lehmann which was issuing a very good conclusion on something she can not see by herself. The fact that Inge Lehmann’s invention still relevant until today as the basis for geology and seismology, is a proof of the greatness of Inge Lehmann’s deduction skill. Furthermore, Inge Lehmann is a woman who proved that women are not less than men in terms of science. Her spirit was break the dogma in that era which was not provide proper opportunity for women to get education, especially up to higher education.

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