India Teacher’s Day in Google Logo Today

india teacher day

Happy teacher’s day, India! Right, India celebrates this day as a teacher’s day to honor their dedication. However, talking about India and education, I remember about Khan Academy. I think, this is a very representative educative stuff from India. Actually, this is not an official educative website by India’s government, but only the individual project. Initially, this project is about sincerity from an uncle to his nephew. He wanted to help his nephew to understand every lesson in the school. Because his nephew asked so often about the lesson, then the uncle made some simple presentation for each lesson and archive them. Next, because the archives become huge, the uncle then build a website and put the archives there. The uncle is Mr. Khan, and the website is Khan Academy and Mr. Khan made it open for everyone. In the further growth, a lot of people are helped with Khan Academy. From the elementary students until the university students, too. From the engineering students, the medical students, until the economic students. Khan Academy become a very well recognized website that we can choose to learn everything. Finally, the most important thing in Khan Academy we can find there is the soul of education. What is the soul of education? It is not only to share the knowledge, but more than it. Khan Academy teaches us about sincerity.

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