ICC 1st Semi Final in Google’s Logo Today


icc-mens-semi-final-new-zealand-v-england-5678423504584704.2-hpAgain, today in Google India, we will see International Cricket Council’s  (ICC) logo for its doodle. No wonder, today is the day of the first semi final for men and women team of ICC. After many pits, now there are only four teams remain in each category. In this first semi final, the men’s team of England and New Zealand will compete at Feroz Shah Calcota, New Delhi, at 19.00 local time. For the women’s team, the England and Australia team will compete at 14.30 local time at the same place with the men’s. Knowing the team who will compete today, it makes me remember the history of cricket in India. Cricket in India was introduced first by England when their colony expand their region in India in the past. (Read the history here).

Today, we see that England show their honor as the country which introduce cricket in India by competing in semi final of international cricket championship. Let’s see, which country will win today? Are the England teams can keep their existence and go to the final rounds? Let’s enjoy this semi final, wish the best teams win.