How to Record and Share Voice Memos Using Your iPhone

Need some simple recording right away? You can use your own Voice Memos app on you iPhone’s home screen. The app provides a simple way of recording, labeling, and store voice memos on your iPhone.

To start recording, launch the Voice Memos app, click on the record button on the bottom left of your screen. You can pause the recording by clicking the button again. If you have finished recording your voice memo, click on the bottom right icon. You don’t have to shout when recording your voice memo because the built-in microphone is quite sensitive.

The voice memo will be named automatically with the date and time of the recording. You can add a label to it by clicking the “More” icon. There are some default labels you can choose but you can also add your own label by manually typing it.

The Voice Memos app also let you trim the memo by clicking the “Trim Memo” button. You can share the memo via email or MMS as an attachment too by using the “Share” button.

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