How To Pin Your Favorite App to Start Menu


In Windows 8 and 10, you may notice two columns in the start menu. The left column lists all of the installed application on your computer, while the right one list the pinned application only. You can use this pinned column to add your favorite applications. So that, whenever you want to open your favorite applications, you don’t need to trace the left column. You don’t need to type anything, too. You can easily find your favorite app in the right column of the start menu. It has the similar function with the desktop. However, some of you don’t like to see a lot of icon on the desktop. To pin the application, just find your favorite application in the left column of the start menu. Then, right-click on it and choose “Pin to Start”. Now, your desired application will appear in the right section of the start menu. Whenever you click the start menu, you will easily see your desired app. Clean your desktop now and pin your favorites.

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