HDD Scan 3.3 The Free Utility to Check Your Harddisk

HDD Scan 3.3

HDD Scan 3.3

Broken harddisk make us ill feel. Even getting traumatic for a long time. Physically we can monetize harddisk with money. We can say we lost 100 USD hardisk.

But we talk about data. No price. No number. Or any other can  mention exactly in fact how much we lost in number. Cloud storage is solution for this matter. You can spend more money for it. But local storage still be the primary storage for some people.

To check the healthy of your storage. Do not wait until your hardisk get trouble. But doing check periodically will be better.

In this post I will share the utility or software to check your storage. You can use HDD Scan.

This is the free software. But I think this is very powerful. You can download here.

Sample of the result. See image bellow.

HD Test Good

HD Test Good with no bad area



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