Greeting from Google

Today. Google give greeting for this Vacation. In the end of year 2013.

Happy Holiday 2013
Happy Holiday 2013 – Day 1

Simple logo and design. No animation. Very simple. But Google would not missed the Doodle for this.

Some trees, snow, horse and cart.

The next day. Day 2.

Holiday greeting day 2
Holiday greeting day 2

Greeting for Christmas for Christian people. With Christmas tree, many lamps, lights of the building in the city, cars. And Google logo with capital in their own colors.

Day 3.

Holiday day 3
Holiday day 3

Like on the north pole. Snows every where around the house. In the middle of the night. Stars shining.

New Year Day 2014 -
New Year Day 2014

This is the Logo for facing Year 2014.

Dance? I do not like dance.

I hope 2014, we can achieve better than 2013