Google Celebrates 15th Birthday

Google15 th Birthday
Google15 th Birthday

Today is the 15th Google Birthday. Almost I don’t realize until I open Google search website. Yeah. Google as the largest internet, technology company, many products, many solutions. They wanna be everywhere and every time in human life.
Their business is getting closed to people.

Search engine they had made. And every people need it. Become home page in million internet browser. Many people start using internet by opening Google first. As a windows or doors to many destinations. Google become the undefeated search engine until now. Amazing. They always update, develop new logarithm for the best result in showing the in related word or phrase. Websites, pictures, even videos, Google can serve us.

Gmail. Starts with free email service, and many people use it. Goggle also provide Google App for corporate, as cheap solution for office and business use. Gmail is one of the service instead Google calendar, Google Doc, Google Drive. We can use own domain for our Gmail address. Easy, cheap, and we will have best email server, security, free maintenance.

Android, the free operating system for many gadget. Develop by Google. Cell phone, smart TV, tablet PC, notebook, camera, refrigerator. They are some device which are using Android as operating system. Open, and free. Android become the largest, and number one operating system in the world. With thousands app we can install from Android Market, free or paid. Optimizing the function of Android device is getting perfect. Many large manufacture make this device. Samsung, Sony, ZTE, HTC, Huawei, etc. Many products. Many model. Many users. Wide range budged.

Google Glass is the hot issue in this year. The new technology that could be some thing new, different, how the gadget will change human attitude. Privacy problem, is one of the negative opinion to this gadget. Many pro and contra. But I believe technology have own parts in  human being. And some times we can not stop it.