Food Replicas in Google’s Logo


Have you ever visited restaurant with the replica of foods? With the replicas, the customer can imagine the foods they will eat. If your answer is yes, do you ever think when and who is the inventor of those ideas? How to make the replicas and what is its main ingredient? Nowadays, we can find the food replicas which are made from plastics. However, previously, this art is made from wax. People were using their own hands to make the food replicas. Yeah, actually, this art is not the new art. It was started a long time ago. Can you guess when? It was 1930’s. Wow, isn’t it a real long time ago? Takazi Iwasaki was a man behind these art. Four days ago, when we celebrated the Iduladha, Google remind us to the Takazi Iwasaki’s art by showing some food replicas in Google logo that day. Actually, I don’t really know what is the relationship between Iduladha and food replicas. However, it is good to us to remember the history about everything. History can make us learn the good and the bad, repeat the good things for the better future, and avoid the bad things that will danger our life.

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