Efficasoft Mobile Express – SMS Management PC for Windows Mobile Device

Mobile Device Center
Mobile Device Center

This is about the experience, when the touch screen was unable to operate. The phone is a windows mobile with qwerty physical keyboard, and combining with resistive touch screen. The Sony Ericsson M1 Aspen.

Yeah, resistive touch screen was very great technology at that time, but nowadays, capacitive touch screen replacing the resistive.

M1 Aspen, because the combination of operation. Some action must executed with tapping on the screen. Can’t be done by short cut or physical keyboard. So the basic function like write and sending SMS will never be done.

I was searching an application like PC suite for phone like any other phone. And I found the best software and off course it is free of charge.

Efficasoft Mobile Express, the very best interface with very simple and easy understand in use. No mater you are newbie. This is the best for every one who use Windows Mobile Phone.

Efficasoft Mobile Express
Efficasoft Mobile Express

This is the feature of Efficasoft Mobile Express

  • Desktop manager for Efficasoft GPS Utilities & SmartWallet.
  • Manage Text Message (SMS) Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Send Items, Deleted Items.
  • Send, reply and forward text messages directly from desktop PC.
  • Supports text message delivery notification request.
  • Export text messages to txt file in chat-history style.
  • Organize (add, edit, delete, find) phone contacts.
  • Synchronized text messages automatically – NO NEED TO MANUALLY ‘REFRESH’.
  • New text message arrival tray notification.

Before the installation, please make sure the requirement bellow, depends on OS do you use.

  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 with ActiveSync installed.
  • Windows Vista/7 with latest version of Device Center installed.
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC (2003, 2003SE, WM5/6/6.5).

ActiveSync and Device Center are download in microsoft official site. For windows 7 or Vista you must pass windows genuine check.

Or you can download here.

And for Efficasoft Mobile Express yo can download here.