Dragon Boat Festival in Google’s Logo Today


What date is today? June 9th? You’re right. However, there is another date today, this is the 5th day of the 5th month in lunar month. In Chinese culture, we have a celebration in this day called Double Fifth Festival. This festival is also known as Peh Cun, Fifth Day Festival, Dumpling Festival, Duanwu Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival. That’s why, there is a dragon’s head with bamboo leaves wrapped rice as its tooth as a Google’s doodle today. No wonder, beside the dragon boat, this festival is identical with drinking realgar wine (Muslim don’t drink it) and eating zongzi. Zongzi is a sticky rice treats which are wrapped with bamboo leaves. Meanwhile, Duanwu festival is held in Chinese, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and other east Asia countries (Muslim don’t celebrate it). Then, this doodle reaches the Chinese Republic, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Dragon Boat Festival told us about power and energy.

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