Double Click in Mouse is a Common Sense. How About Triple?

wireless-mouse-m325Everybody knows mouse as a laptop/computer hardware. How efficient you use this device? Do you use it for click and right click only? Alright, sometimes you use double click and maybe scrolling the mouse. However, what kind of function double click you think? Then, how about triple click? I’m sure, most of us use double click to click an icon of application we need to enter into it. Meanwhile, it is not the only use of double click. You can highlight a word only by double clicking the word. Choose the word you need to select, the double click on it. Voile! Your desire word is highlighted now. The almost similar function is handled by the triple click. The difference is you will highlight a paragraph by triple clicking a point in a paragraph. So, now you don’t need to click and drag anymore to select a word or a paragraph. Just double click or triple click, and your job is easier. Try it!

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