Doctor Who, the 50th Birthday in Google Logo

Doctor who 2013-
Doctor who 2013-

Doctor Who, is the serial science-fiction television program produced by BBC. The story is about an alien humanoid, a Time Lord who make time-travel as his “job” called Doctor. He faces many foes, to save people, civilizations.

First appearance in 23 November 1963 in BBC, now many country show this role science-fiction. 50 years of show, with eleven actors play this character. The doctors in 2013 is portrayed by Matt Smith, and they announce the next as the twelfth doctor is Peter Capaldi.

Anyway, just enjoy your self. Waste your time slowly by playing game in Google logo today. Help doctor to find GOOGLE alphabets in each time frame.

How to play? Just press start, then select one doctor from eleven. Then find GOOGLE alphabets in each time