Direct Logic – Best Value PLC

Direct Logic is a brand name for PLC made by Koyo Electonics Japan. Provide wide range type of PLC for optimizing process. For little machine, until a huge plant process. Direct Logic is best choice and low prize.

Direct Logic 05

Direct Logic DL05
Direct Logic DL05.

Combines 8 digital input and 6 digital output. You can choose variety voltages, 24 VDC, 110 VAC or 220 VAC for power supply. Additional slot card gives you an option to process any analog sensor or other analog signal. Also 3 digital output for fast speed counter, which can handle up to 7 KHz.

Direct Logic 06

Direct Logic DL06
Direct Logic DL06

DL 06 is a micro PLC with 20 input and 16 digital output plus 4 expansion slots for discret IO, analog or communication module. Equipped with LCD display and programming button. More options for programming, instead using Direct Soft in the PC.



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