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Connecting WinCC Flexible 2008 to MP277 using Ethernet Port

In this post, I wanna share how to connect WinCC Flexible Program with HMI panel MP277. Some option we can choose, but this time I just wanna write how to communicate with Ethernet port.

Previous panels using RS 232 to transfer run-time program. Of course we have trouble in speed. Ethernet will boost the speed, save our time.

To connect HMI panel, we need to set up in both. MP277 HMI panel and WinCC Flexible.
  • Turn on your HMI panel, by connect the 24VDC to MP277. I will start automatically.

Then open the control panel. You will see many icon.

 MP277 control panel
  • Click Transfer Icon, Transfer Settings windows appears. Set Channel 2 , choose ETHERNET. Then Click Advance button
MP277 Transfer setting
  • LAN network appears, tap twice the icon.
MP277 network
  • LAN settings window will appears. Specify the IP for example here and subnet mask then tap OK.
MP277 IP adress   Please watch this short video
  • Now go to your WinCC Flexible PC. Open Project Menu >> Transfer >> Communication Settting
Menu Setting 1
  • Choose Device type :  MP277, mode: Ethernet, IP address: (refer to MP277 IP address) then click OK
Choose Option
  • Make sure to disable DHCP in LAN properties in PC. Use manual IP setting, for example and subnet mask
Set PC IP All settings are finish. Now you can transfer run time program to HMI and also doing  Back Transfer, backup, restore program. Connect both with RJ45 cable. Easy and fast.
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